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DVD - 2016
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Jun 19, 2019

Yes Vera works her way through to the solving of the crime, with the help of her team, but then she confronts the murderer alone (TheMoth Gatherer) and in a friendly, conversational way lays out how he did the whole thing, and the murderer folds. Her team race to the scene to assist.

Jun 10, 2018

Still enjoyable intricate stories with great acting.

Apr 06, 2018

I love Vera!!
Brenda Blethyn is a great actress.
Kenny Doughty is great as her
assisstant DCI.
Unfortunately, for some, Vera
doesn't worry about hurting
anyone's feelings and calls it
like she sees it.

Good drama and interesting plots but acting is becoming a bit insipid.

Sep 05, 2017

A steady plodding series, well acted, but I dislike the the high pitched voice that "Vera" uses, gets very annoying.

May 22, 2017

Vera remains excellent through all six seasons! There is a season seven and I hope we get to see it. The character of Vera is one of a kind.

May 13, 2017

I quite like the Vera series except when she calls everyone "love" and "pet".

May 01, 2017

Wonderful and makes great viewing. Episodes are 90 minutes in length which allows plenty of time to develop characters and plot. A pity: I think I've seen them all now.

Mar 13, 2017

I love this detective show! Brenda Blethyn is such a fabulous actress and makes Vera the character endlessly intriguing. Great writing, fantastic cast... so well done. I wish there were more than 4 episodes in Season 6.

Feb 10, 2017

hi - the library used to have more of these wonderful Vera episodes - certainly more than just the sixth in the series. Please get them all - they are priceless - thanks!

trevordunfordswife Jan 25, 2017

VERA is brilliant in every way; actress, series, supporting actors and the character herself. I wish I knew her. The only way to improve it is to make more and more and MORE of them each season: never tire of her. Vera's caustic wit, humour, compassion are all more than life-sized and it saddens me every time I watch the last frame of each and every episode and the deaths, even when the victim is a baddie, provide you with a punch to the gut by the end of the show due to the circumstances of the situation: just about everybody is loved by someone and if they aren't, that is damn sad too. Highly recommend to all adults who love a really tough 'whodunit': her mysteries are convoluted and difficult to solve but totally worth it in the end - much like Vera herself .

Nov 07, 2016

Absolutely agree with the comments. What a great series. Very satisfying.

Oct 23, 2016

This is just a great series. All the actors give great performances, from the lead character and cast regulars down to the supporting characters.

Laura, the show is titled Vera, not Vera and Company, so I disagree with your complaint about the show being all about Vera. Now I haven't read the Ann Cleeves' novels on which the series in based, so I don't know if the books do delve into the lives of the characters other than Vera.

Sep 25, 2016

Rated 10/10. Excellent stories and acting!

Sep 02, 2016

I am really struggling to maintain my interest in these stories. I was glad when we were done agonizing over Vera's less than ideal childhood (did anyone have and Ideal childhood?), but now the show is 99% Vera, and the other characters are just props for her single-handed crusade to stop all bad people. Two episodes were quite well done, but I miss the ensemble aspect of the early years. (confession, I'm more of a reader than a movie watcher)

Aug 14, 2016

Very good, as always!

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