The Second Objective

The Second Objective

Book - 2007
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ChristchurchLib Jun 08, 2014

"It's late in 1944 and the Nazis have launched a last-ditch attempt to defeat the Allies: 2,000 English-speaking Nazi soldiers familiar with American culture are to be disguised as American soldiers in order to infiltrate the enemy's defenses. Of the 2,000 men led by Lieutenant Colonel Otto Skorzeny, 20 have a secret second agenda -- an assassination that will change the course of history. The only man to figure out what the Germans are up to is a former NYC policeman, who will need all his wits and training to defeat the nefarious Nazi plot. Publishers Weekly calls the meld of fact (it's based on a Nazi plot called "Operation Greif," which actually did involve German soldiers dressed as Allies) and fiction "thriller gold."" Thrillers and Suspense June 2014 newsletter

Jul 24, 2011

Mark Frost combines great storytelling and history, for this inside look at a top secret mission to assisinate General Eisenhower.

One thing about the plot which seemed unbelievable was
Bernie Oster's (one of the german commandos) ability to remain in such a crucial position to complete the 2nd objective even though his complete aborrence of the mission and Von Leinsdorf. His belief that he would be able to intervene at anytime seemed silly. Why could Von Liensdorf realize bernie's reluctance and see it was impeding his mission. Bleh?!?

Mar 06, 2010

Great book. One of the most exciting novels I've read with a WWII setting since Deaver's Garden of Beasts. Highly recommend.

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