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In 2005, Brandon Sanderson debuted with Elantris , an epic fantasy unlike any other then on the market. To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Tor is reissuing Elantris in a special edition, a fresh chance to introduce it to the myriad readers who have since become Sanderson fans.

This new edition begins with a preface by author Dan Wells, the first person to read the completed novel, and a new afterword by Sanderson explaining how he came to write the book and its place in the Cosmere, the unified universe of all his Tor novels.

Also included is an expanded version of the "Ars Arcanum" appendix, with more of the technical details of the book's magic that fans can never get enough of.

Elantris was truly a milestone both for Sanderson and for the genre of epic fantasy. It deserves this special treatment, something Tor has done only once before, with Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game . Sanderson fans old and new will be excited to discover it.

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Publisher: New York : Tor, ♭2015.
Edition: Tenth anniversary author's definitive edition, revised edition.
ISBN: 9780765383105
Characteristics: 590 pages :,illustrations ;,25 cm


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Nov 09, 2020

Cool to see where Sanderson started. Not really my cup of tea. Read 400 pages of little interest, and then the last 155 were amazing.

ArapahoeTiegan Sep 02, 2020

The first book of Sanderson's Cosmere Universe. Elantris used to be a city of gods - people who had been affected by a power that changed their appearance ethereally and gave them magic powers. Something changed that made that transformation grotesque and access to the magic disappeared. Anyone affected was thrown into the crumbling city of Elantris and left to rot, even though they could not die. The mystery surrounding all of this is wonderful and to discover that a book 2 is planned at some point is exciting, because I would like to see more about what happens in the aftermath of book 1.

Mar 19, 2020

Honestly, I don't know that Brandon Sanderson could write something I didn't love- fan girl status over here.

Elantris focuses less on the magic and more on the political landscape, but that does not make this book boring. It was a great escape to have while in this strange COVID19 landscape we are in.


Dec 30, 2019

My favorite epic fantasy book ever.

Nov 18, 2019

I enjoyed this book immensely. The tone of Elantris is fairly light adventure, but the novel is not frivolous. In this fantasy, the downfall of a city of demi-gods has opened the way for an oppressive religious empire to swallow up the last two independent kingdoms. The heroine, an indomitable princess, is determined to stop that. I found the characters vivid and interesting, and the story takes many twists and turns. It is a fairly long book and it took me a while to finish, but it never lost my interest. Although a complete novel in itself, not all of the mysteries and background stories are neatly tied off, leaving room for a sequel. So far, there has not been one, but if Sanderson writes one, I’ll read it.

Aug 28, 2019

This is a fantastic high fantasy. I read some reviews before I read it, and seriously considered not reading it. I am so glad I did!

While it may be a bit uneven paced, I found that whenever I started getting even a tiny bit bored, there was a twist and I was engaged again. I have never read a book that grabbed me and kept my attention for so long. (It's a huge book!)

I sympathized with all of the characters, was astonished when so many things went awry, and trust me there was 3-4 times it could've ended, but it twisted back and I loved every minute of it. While it is fairly predictable there are also many unexpected subplots, characters and explanations.

One thing I caution though, is if you don't regularly read fantasy, this may not be for you, as I've heard many people complain about its slow pace.

Andrew Kyle Bacon
Jan 30, 2019

This is the first book by Brandon Sanderson which I've read, and so far I'm impressed. So impressed, in fact, that I'll need to return for more. Truth be told, as I delved into this book, I wasn't sure I would enjoy it; normally, where the fantasy genre is concerned, I much prefer "the quest" to "the politics," and ELANTRIS is largely a book of politics. But that sells it short in many ways, because it manages to be much more than that, too; it is also a book of mystery, humor, theology, and character, and those characters are definitely what kept the pages turning. Raoden, Sarene, and Hrathen, the three central characters of the story, have plots which interweave with one another throughout, slowly revealing the central key mystery: what happened to the once great city of Elantris where god-like beings ruled? Why do those who become Elantrians now turn into half-dead-but-not-alive, living corpses rather than the magical, divine beings they once were? All of these questions circle around a plot involving religious zealotry, political corruption, romance, action, and magic. ELANTRIS has almost everything you could want from this kind of book. My only complaint is the rather rushed ending. As the plot comes to a boil, Sanderson hops around his various plots, giving the reader brief snippets of action rather than anything detailed or intricate. On the one hand, I believe he did this to try and raise the tension, but on the other hand, it kept me from becoming involved in the resolution to the story. That being said, however, the final words of the novel are still seared into my mind: a very fitting end to the novel. I'm also, contrary to others, glad that ELANTRIS is a standalone novel. It's a book that stands entirely on its own, which is a rare feat in the fantasy genre.

Jan 27, 2019

really enjoyed this story -was disappointed that there is not a series!

Jun 20, 2018

The story of Elantris is a little less harsh than other Cosmere sequence stories, but that doesn't make it any less good. It's also one of the more geographically contained stories. For the most part, it only takes place in 3 cities, 2 of which border one another. The book ends without a necessity for a sequel to 'finish' the story, and most (but not all) of the loose ends are tied up by the final chapter. While the author has indicated that Elantris happens before any of the other Cosmere novels, it isn't as engrossing as any of the 'flagship' cosmere series such as Mistborn or the Stormlight Archive. Two large parts of the story are a giant chasm on the landscape and 'Domi', the god of two of the people in Arelon and Teod. If you've read the three Stormlight Archive books or Arcanum Unbound, you can guess who 'Domi' was and why that chasm appeared. If you hadn't, I'd imagine a reader would wonder why it wasn't addressed. I would probably recommend Elantris to people looking for mostly light fantasy, but not as a primer to other Sanderson works.

Beatricksy Jul 21, 2017

I just really enjoyed this. The magic is super well defined--I wish there had been more playing with it, but what was there was beautiful. The political element is interesting, dragging in ideas that I haven't necessarily seen explored in fantasy before. It's a shame that our swordfighting female protagonist is relegated to damsel at the end, but otherwise it's a delightful romp in a well established universe.

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