The Invention of Hugo Cabret

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

A Novel in Words and Pictures

Book - 2007
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Jul 25, 2016

One word. Clocks. That is the one word that revolves around Hugo's mind all day everyday. after the accident, he was forced to fend for himself. However, he still tries to fix what his father failed to do himself.

Jul 10, 2016

This book is about a boy whose father dies in a fire, and then his mean uncle who drinks takes him to work with him in the train station. One day his uncle never comes back. Hugo Cabret becomes friends with a girl and her grandfather, and while that goes on Hugo is working on a automaton(robot). I will not say anymore. You will just have to read it yourself!!! ;)

Dec 15, 2015

Good morning everybody,today is a special because I’m going to tell you the story of “The Invention Of HUGO CABRET”.

The story begins in Paris where there was a boy named Hugo who lived in the station and he fixed clocks every day,Hugo stole toys from an old man.

One day the old man caught Hugo when he was stealing a toy from the old man’s toy booth,then the old man told Hugo to empty his pockets.

The old man saw a notebook in Hugo’s pockets he took that notebook from and told him that he’s going to burn it,Hugo got mad so he followed the old man to the old man’s house.

When they were there,Hugo saw a girl looking at him.

She told him that she’s going to bring him his notebook back from the old man which he adopted her.

Hugo went back to the station and he went to the clocks and there was something covered up Hugo uncovered it and guess what it was,it was an automaton.

Hugo’s father left it for him before he died.

The next morning Hugo went to the old man and told him to give him his notebook back,but the old man gave Hugo something covered Hugo took it and opened it but it was only ashes Hugo got so mad and angry that he went back to the clocks .

Remember that girl that I told you about her name is Isabelle,she told Hugo to come to the bookstore this afternoon.

They met each other there Isabelle told Hugo not to worry about his notebook because it’s not burned.

The old man told Hugo that he has to work in his toy booth so he could give him his notebook back.

Hugo told the old man that he would work in his booth as long as he wants but the old man have to give him his notebook back as soon as possible.

Isabelle told Hugo to come to the bookstore tomorrow.

Hugo met Isabelle at the bookstore Isabelle was there she saw Hugo and her old friend and his name is Etienne.

Hugo borrowed a book about magic from the bookstore he wanted to learn about magic that’s why he borrowed that book.

Isabelle told Hugo to meet at the movie theater to watch a movie and Etienne is going to sneak them into the theater.

The manager of the theater saw them in there and he kicked them out,Hugo and Isabelle ran as fast as they could but Isabelle fell down and a key came out of Isabelle’s neck but she tucked it back inside her dress.

Hugo told her where did she get that key from but Isabelle didn't answer him.

The next day Isabelle got Hugo’s notebook back but the old man thought that Hugo stole it.

The old man told Hugo to never come back to his toybooth but Isabelle wanted to give Hugo his notebook back Hugo quickly ran to Isabelle and hugged her so he can steal her key with his magic trick so he can use it for the automaton so it can work,after stealing Isabelle’s key Hugo went back to the clocks so he can use the key .

Isabelle found out that Hugo stole her key she went right after him Hugo was putting the key when Isabelle comes in really quickly,and she started fighting with him while the automaton kept drawing finally the automaton finished drawing he signed a name and that name was Isabelle’s grandfather ……….

A lot of things happened after that,I didn't put all the details in there so that’s why you should read that check it out right here:

Jul 02, 2014

This book tells about a boy how lives in the walls and his sad life and the good thing is he got adopted at the end:]

Mar 31, 2013

There's a 12 year old boy living in the train station where his uncle worked, where he has taken that job over. His life takes a different path after being caught attempting to steal from a toy booth. He has no one to turn to, but people who are willing to help him.

Feb 11, 2013

The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick is about an orphan who lives in the walls of a train station where his survival depends on secrets. Soon his world suddenly changes when he meets an eccentric girl and a strange old man who runs a toy booth,Hugos undercover life and his most precious secret are put in jeopardy.

Feb 08, 2013

Taking place in Paris 1931, Brian Seilznick's "Hugo Cabret" is a story full of mysterie and suspense.To start you off,Hugo and his father had found a brocken Automatone,and sense those were such valuables, Hugo and his father had taken it in and tried to fix it. During this adventure, Hugo's father died in a fire forcing him to live alone in a clock, in a train station. Hugo then was dedicated to fix that automatone for he felt a meesage from his father would be left for him. Soon after, Hugo meets a girl named Isabelle who happens to own the one thing that would actually fix the automatone as well as being the god-daughter of Georges Melies who is not exactly fond of Hugo. Eventually the Auto. is fixed but Hugo and Isabelle discover that Georges Melies wasa famous filmmaker. At first, Georges Melies was alarmed, but was compforted and then adopted Hugo.
The End

Feb 06, 2013

Hugo Cabret lives in a clock at the train station. He must steal his food but he must steal something else; parts from a toy booth to fix a mechanical man. With the help of Isabelle and Gorges Melies he may be able to solve this mystery, but Hugo must hide from the Station Inspector so he does not get caught and get sent to an orphanage.

Feb 06, 2013

Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick is a suspensful, thrill seeking mystery of loss and hope set in the 1930's.An orphan, Hugo, secretly oils the clocks in a Paris train station. Ever since Hugo's father died in a tragic fire, Hugo has been destined to find out the message of his deseased fathers automaton. To find out this message, Hugo must set out to find the key that holds everything for the hope of the past, present, and the future. Will Hugo finally find out what has been haunting all this time, or will he be dreaded by the truth? Read the book to find out!

Feb 06, 2013

In the beginning of the book Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick,Hugo lives in a paris train station.And Hugo wants to fix his automaton,but the old man(Georges Mélies) takes his notebook which told hugo how to fix the hugo works for the old man long enough until he gives hugo his notebook.

Feb 06, 2013

Brian Zelznick's Invention of Hugo Cabret is an extraordinary book that reveals to us the story of a young orphan boy who lived in the 1900's at a train station. This young boy, Hugo, had only one goal, he wanted to fix the automaton his father had given to him. This machine needed a key that a young girl from the train station had. Hugo, fixed the automaton with the girl's key, the automaton drew an amazing drawing that later would end up saving his life. This drawing belonged to a filmaker who revived by this masterpiece (drawing) who later adopted Hugo.

Feb 05, 2013

The Invention Of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick is an amazing book set in the early 1900s. It's about an orphan named Hugo who lives in a train station in Paris. He also runs the clocks in the station while pretending to be the missing clockeeper (which was his uncle). In the meantime, Hugo is trying to fix a broken automaton in hopes that his father set it to write a message to Hugo before he died in a tragic accident. One day, Hugo is caught trying to steal a toy at the toy booth, and the old man running the toy booth took away his father's notebook which says how to repair the automaton. Then with help from friends, Hugo solves a puzzling mystery and helps an old filmaker overcome dark memories from his career.

Feb 05, 2013

The book "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" by Brian Selznick is set in Paris 1931. Hugo Cabret is the main character and lives in a train station with his uncle(because his dad died in a fire) who gets lost a little later on in the book. He now has to steal food. The only spark in his life is fixing the automaton a mechanical man that his dad was trying to fix. But along the way:he can't find the key for the automaton,papa Georges the owner of a wind up toy shop catches him stealing, and at the end he gets caught by the station inspector. Luckily for him the last owner of the automaton was papa Georges and his niece Isabelle has the key! Hugo then works for papa Georges to replace all the stealing he's done. At the end Hugo gets adopted by papa Georges and fixes the automaton. The automaton soon draws a picture from a movie that the star actor/conductor was papa Georges.

Feb 05, 2013

Hugo Cabret was awarded the Caldecott metal set in the train stations of Paris written by Brian's Sleznick. Hugo Cabret is a young orphan that lived in the walls of the train station. He found an automaton from a Museum fire he wanted to fix it since he saw it. He got caught stealing from the toy both the man took Hugos notebook that he needed to fixed the automaton. He managed fix the automaton with the help of Isabel's heart shaped key . Hugo got caught by the station inspector. She was getting taken to the orphanage until the man he was stealing from George's Méliès and his goddaughter Isabel adopted him and he grows up to be a gentleman.

Feb 05, 2013

"The Invention of Hugo Cabret" is a novel by Brian Selznick. This narrative evovls around a boy named Hugo Cabretwho lived in Paris train station in 1931. Hugo was trained by his father to fix and repair clocks, but an accident brings his father to death. Hugo needed to repair a writing robot to reveal a secret message from his father. So, he steals parts from a toy booth and avoids the Station Inspector. Hugo's answer lies in a little robot and a heart shaped key, to reveal the secret message from his father.

Feb 05, 2013

The Invention of Hugo Cabret is a Cadelcott winning book by Brian Selznick. There's a poor boy who is good with fixing clocks named Hugo Cabret, he lives in a trainstation in Paris 1931. Hugo and his father are building a automan that writes so Hugo stole from the toy shop for parts, but then his father dies.The old man from the toy shop catches Hugo and takes Hugo's notebook, the one that was helping him fix the automan.Hugo is still determined to fix the automan and succeeds, all he needs is a lost heart-shaped key, Hugo found that his new friend, Isabella (the godchild of the old man) has the key. Hugo Cabret takes the key, he puts it the key and the automan starts drawing? The picture is signed Georges Meliès (the old man), turns out Georges Meliès is a movie witter, but he hated his movies, and everyone thought he was dead, so Hugo and Isabelle prove everyone wrong, and Georges Meliès adopts Hugo.

Feb 05, 2013

In The Invention of Hugo Cabret, by Brian Selznick (set in paris, early 1900s), main character Hugo Cabret must go through many obstacles to save the beloved automaton his late father had found years ago. He almost always finds himself running, be it from station inspectors, friends, cranky old men, or trains, but the cause for the running always seems to be the same, secrets, and the secrets always seem to revolve around one thing, the automaton. He must quickly discover why his automaton connects to others so much, and why his automaton only draws famous secens from George Méliès' movies before gets caught. soon enough he finds out about his own grumpy employers' movie career, this causes him (George) to go crazy. Finally Hugo almost gets hits by a train but then saved by the station inspector just in time to get sent to the orphanage, but worry not, he gets rescued by George himself and finally gets his happily ever after filled with magic and movies.

Feb 05, 2013

Brian Selznick has written a fabulous book following the adventures of the orphan Hugo Cabret, living in the walls of a paris train station in the 1930s. And he has had the worst of luck. His father died in a fire. His uncle dissapeared leaving no trace behind. Now Hugo must unravel the mysteries of his father's machine on his own. But things take an interesting turn when he meets Isabelle, who's godfather has all of the answers, but has promised himself to never speak of it again. But when Isabelle's godfather turns out to be the famous filmmaker George Mèliés, he finds that you can't hide from the past forever, and Hugo finds, that there is much more behind his fathers' machine than he expected.

Feb 05, 2013

The invention of Hugo cabret by Brian Selznick is a book of mystery and magic.In paris,France follow Hugo,Papa Georges and Isabelle in the adventure.Hugo's father died and left behind an automaton witch Hugo despratly wants to fix.Papa Georges takes the crushal notebook that he needs to fix the automaton.He ends up fixing the automaton with help from Isabelle and ends up uncovering a new mystery.If you want to know the ending please read the book.

Feb 05, 2013

This is a book called The Invention Of Hugo Cabret written by Brian Selznick. The book is about a boy named Hugo Cabret, he lives in Paris, France's train station. He was trying to fix a machine called an automaton, he has a notebook that tells him what parts he needs, and what for. He steals parts from a toy shop to build the automaton, one day he gets caught stealing a toy, then the man working at the shop takes his notebook. Hugo works at the toy shop to try to earn back his notebook. Hugo becomes friends with the man's godaughter and they discover that the man used to be a famouse movie director. Brian wrote a masterpiece, I hope you have or will read and enjoy this book.

Feb 05, 2013

The Invention Of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick is a CaldeCott medal winning book. Hugo Cabret is a young boy who lives in Paris in a train station in the walls. He is trying to fix a machine called the automaton. But, he doesn't have the key to activate the automaton so he steals the key from a girl named Isabelle. After Hugo finds out what the automaton does he eventually creates an other one.

Feb 04, 2013

The Invention Of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick has won many awards. Hugo Cabret is a orphan child who lives in the walls of a Paris train station. Hugo tries to fix the automaton that his father had been working on until he passed away. Hugo had a book full of information that could help him fix the automaton and figure out what the message was. But unfortunately Hugo Cabret is a thief. He steels many things from Georges Melias toy store. As revenge Georges melias takes his book. Will Hugo be able to fix the automaton all by himself without the notebook or will he fail to do so. Join Hugo Cabret In his adventure to figure out the message his deceased father has left him.

Feb 04, 2013

The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick takes place in Paris in 1931. Hugo's dad dies and his uncle leaves so Hugo is left alone escaping the Station Inspector. He wants to fix an automaton that his dad brought before he died. But he can't because Georges Melies, Isabelle's godfather, stole his notebook. He met Isabelle and with the help of her necklace they fix the automaton and find out that Georges Melies was a filmmaker. The story has a happy ending with Hugo escaping the Station Inspector and getting adopted by Isabelle's family.

Feb 04, 2013

Taking place in Paris 1931 Brian Selznick's novel "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" is full of mysteries. Hugo Cabret is an 12 year old orphan, and time keeper who lives in the walls of the Paris train station. Hugo really wanted to fix the automaton, but his dad dies, and his uncle leaves him so he had to fix the automaton, and do the clocks all by himself. He meets this girl Isabelle who helps him fix the automaton.With the help of Isabelle and her heart shaped key they fixed the automaton, that reveals the truth of George Mélis. George Melis is Isabelle's godfather who decided to adopt Hugo.

Feb 04, 2013

Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick is about a boy named hugo who is orphaned and has to live in the walls of a train station of Paris.He wanted to fix a machine that he thinks has a message from his father. But he was missing parts. So he had to steal parts from a toybooth and search for a key. As he does this he unlocks some mysteries and some magic.

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