Josey Baker Bread
Josey Baker Bread Get Baking, Make Great Bread, Be Happy! By Baker, Josey Book - 2014

The author of this book is obviously enthusiastic and aims at inspiring the newbie baker, but perhaps he is a bit too enthusiastic. His aside comments often get in the way of presenting the basic recipes clearly.
And the beginning of the book is somewhat of a fake-out. It starts off with a few yeast bread recipes within the grasp of most new bakers. But the rest of the book (more than 3/4) is based on sourdough starter, which he shows how to make. But making it is a lengthy and tedious process--and, once made, it forces you to keep baking bread and to keep renewing the starter.
I personally would have been happier with fewer sourdough recipes and more of the interesting yeast bread formulas.

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