The Heir is the fourth book in the Selection series. Years after Prince Maxon chose his wife, it is now time for their daughter Eadlyn to take her role in choosing the next prince of Illea. Except there is one problem. Eadlyn isn’t ready to fall in love yet. In
this comical yet captivating book, we finally get to see the Selection through the eyes of the princess, and how it is just as stressful for her as much as it is for the contestants. Although her temper got out of had sometimes, her stubbornness really showed
people who was boss. Out of 5 stars, I would give this book 4.5 stars. Kylie, grade 9, of the Yorba Linda Teen Book Bloggers

The Heir is the fourth installment in the Selection series. It tells the story of Eadlyn, America’s daughter, who is now in her own selection, only this time, the roles are reversed--the princess is having to choose from 35 boys. Eadlyn is shown to be unpopular among the people of her country. She also differs from her father in that she is extremely indifferent about the idea of finding love through a selection. This book just seems like a lazy effort to counter the stereotyped “girl chases guy” process and to develop the “independent female” character. The plot is not captivating at all, and the cheesiness present in the previous books persists. My recommendation would be to stop reading after the third book of the series (The One). Cathy, grade 10, of the Yorba Linda Teen Book Bloggers

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