This was a pretty cute read.

I enjoy reading the challenges Pallas faced and how she worked with a whole team of people (her friends) and together they met the challenges head on despite her initial misgivings (like that zebra incident). Life isn't easy, so it's great to have great friends you can count on and of course Nick to step in and lend a hand and an artistic eye.

There are definitely family dramas, and we get to see some of it worked out here and there. Now the whole half sibling thing is definitely going to take more than 1 book to work out for sure, but the brothers do present valid points and try to give that sibling room to figure things out.

Nick and Pallas are so sweet and cute together. Their chemistry is undeniable and for sure they are a great fit. Although their story is pretty cliched and generic for stories of this genre.

The whole thing with Pallas' mom and her family issue wasn't entirely resolved, it was kind of just brushed away like all those years of hurt was nothing.

Dream24's rating:
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