The Siberian Dilemma
The Siberian Dilemma An Arkady Renko Novel By Smith, Martin Cruz Book - 2019

Yes, Arkady is back, and that is a good thing. But this is like getting a letter from and old friend that turns out to be mostly photos, with only a few words setting the scene. While it's always good to hear from an old friend, you miss a little of the depth you had come to expect. Snapshots of Tatiana, his current love interest, of his adopted son, the chess master, of even his alcoholic partner remind us of all the good stories written. He reminisces all too briefly about his past experiences in Cuba and on a fishing ship in the Arctic. So yes, it is good to hear from Arkady Renko again, but he exposes little of what he is really thinking, or what he really wants. Still, I look forward to his next letter, even if it is just a postcard. Maybe his next missive will have the depth I was missing.

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