Some quotes in IMDb but this dialogue between Megyn and Kayla, in part or whole is not, P2 of 2:

I took it to his superior. Nothing happened. I had to drop it.
- Why?
I wanted to be on television.
- Did you think what your silence would mean? For us? The rest of us?
Roger is not my fault.
- It would've been nice if... If somebody told us that he's after more than legs.
It's nobody's job to protect you, Kayla.
- That's all of our job. I don't get you. You're... You have power. Why are you still playing
by old rules? You're Megyn Kelly.
Look around, snowflake. How do you think I succeeded? How do you think a woman
gets a prime-time Fox show?
- So, you had sex with him?
Jesus fucking Christ.

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