Take that rack and leave the others... so they don't come and attack my bees. There's enough for them and for you. There's ... These are full. You can collect them. The other ones need time.
-Sure, that's what I'll do.
You take half, but you leave half... so they don't attack my bees.
Bees from breeders who colect their honey earlier... come to my bees... and eat their honey.
-Don't take all the honey out!
I won't.
Don't take it all out!
- I'm not taking it, just placing it lower down. The weather's getting colder. The upper level... The upper level should come out. See, it's empty
Maybe they made it on the other level. No they haven't .
- You put it there yourself. Hatidze's hives have honey on both levels. Ours have none.
Sure they don't. Because you're not taking good care.
-No, it's because you take their honey.
No, you're not taking good care.
Hatidze, why don't you leave this place?
-If I'd had a son like you... things would have been different. But I don't.

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