The Half Has Never Been Told
The Half Has Never Been Told Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism By Baptist, Edward E. Book - 2016

Great book, but a very depressing one. Any argument against reparations is destroyed by the content in this book. In 1820 1/3 of all U.S. wealth was just in U.S. human slave capital, slaves. That doesn't include the wealth that was generated by their labor including the cotton that was produced, the shipping companies that made tremendous transporting the commodities slaves produced, and the factories that made profits hand over fist from the the cheap cotton that was produced by slave labor. For instance, by 1860 99% of all cotton being used in English factories was cotton being picked by U.S. slaves.

To say that the U.S. economy and the U.S. ruling class owes it's wealth and power from the sweat, blood, and tears of African slaves would be a serious understatement.

Great book, must read.

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