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Jan 27, 2020
I appreciated the perspective of the book, written by a female scientist that was used to being told “no” because she was a girl and yet she always dreamed big to have her own research lab some day. When she reached that dream, she still had to overcome male bias while competing for grants and status amongst her peers. She writes like I would imagine that she talks in real life, down to earth, honest, no frills. At times sad when she writes about her feelings of loneliness, not belonging, and living with bipolar disorder. In one chapter she takes you through a bipolar episode, the extreme high followed by extreme low. It was only a couple of pages, but I had to read it twice. She’s odd and quirky, and so is her lab partner Bill. The mishaps and adventures they went through together are quite entertaining. Interweaved with her journey to becoming a successful tenured professor are bits and pieces of the journey seeds take to become trees and plants. After I finished this book, I wanted to hug a tree and plant a couple of seedlings.