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Dec 12, 2020Bored_with_Library rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
This movie, categorizes (RATED: R) by library for: Sexual Material and Language throughout. I THOUGHT after watching entire DVD movie - it was an erotic "COMEDY/DRAMA", like PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned) / When the Original FOX NEWS Version came out in 2016, it was more realistic; but for these high-paid Actresses in (2020 BOMBSHELL movie) - it (I) just felt bland emotions (as compared to what happened 4-years-prior). / Because I thought this 2020 DVD movie should have been a COMEDY/DRAMA; I could not STOP LAUGHING THROUGHOUT the entire 1hr 49min. But others viewing this movie, might find it offensive on the subject of SEXUAL HARRASSEMENT TOWARDS WOMEN. / When the NEWS BROKE of Roger Ailes' s sexual harassment lawsuits - I HAD TO CONTINUALLY PAUSE MOVIE on my computer - to read all the "Breaking News reports" - between sections (1hr29MIN 15secs thru 29MIN 33secs). / !!! WARNING TO OTHERS WHO WANT, but HAVE NOT BORROWED THIS DVD MOVIE from library: The Bonus Materials are EXTREMELY-SUPER LONG !!! / On the ENDING CREDITS TO REMIND THE VIEWER: This is a re-creation of what happened 4-years-prior. LIONS GATE FILMS states: THIS FILM (released December 20, 2019) IS A DRAMATIZATION INSPIRED BY ACTUAL EVENTS (and) THE CHARACTERS HAVE BEEN CREATED FOR "DRAMATIC PURPOSES". / > my own comment <: This was a fun DVD movie to watch, but TOO MANY PROSTHETICS. This DVD movie would have been more enjoyable seeing Before(prosthetics) and After(prosthetics) - IMAGES/pictures.